2014 Annual Thanksgiving (103)
2014 Annual Thanksgiving (193)

Who We Are

At The Eternal, Sacred Order of Cherubim & Seraphim (ESOCS) mount of blessing Brooklyn NY, we are a congregation of Christians who believe that our salvation and all the gifts of our lives come from God’s grace.We are a warm, peaceful and friendly congregation that prays, works, worships and serves with joy and love, mindful of the fact that we are all sinners whose lives were redeemed by Jesus Christ’s resurrection.


Cherubims and Seraphims are angels of the highest order. In fact, they are the only angels depicted with wings in the Holy Bible. The Cherubim were put in the place of Adam by God after he was driven out of the Garden of Eden because of his sins against God (Genesis 3:24). The Cherubim uphold the reign and the rule of God (Psalm 18:9-10).


The Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim was established as the earthly counterparts of the heavenly Cherubims and Seraphims. Members are born again believers that have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. They consent to the Priesthood of the believer and are committed to the propagation of the Gospel of Christ as the Lord and Savior of mankind.

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The band ministry of ESOCS mount of blessing Brooklyn NY is a subset of the choir ministry. This ministry consists of talented male (at the moment; females are definitely welcome)  instrumentalists trained to lead the service in the rhythm of hymns, songs, and praises during services. This group holds more rehearsals than choir however they practice with the choir during their usual Friday rehearsals. To make sure that all aspects of the service’s praise and worship go as planned, the band always have to be in sync with the choir, hence regular practices are required.  Click Here to get a preview of the band.

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The choir ministry of ESOCS mount of blessing Brooklyn NY is a ministry of talented male and female singers organized to lead the service in hymns, songs, and praises during services. They usually hold rehearsals weekly on Friday after the evening service. All choral activities are capped during anniversaries or any special event when the choir gives a special presentation to the congregation. Click Here to see more.

No audition required, If you are gifted and love to glorify the God with the talent he has given you then you are welcome to see if this is for you.

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Mount Zion Youth (MZYS)

The youth ministry is also known as Mount Zion Youth Society (MZYS) is made up of young individuals who are willing to serve and propagate the gospel. In the church, this is actually between the ranks of Brother to Apostle for male and Sister to Mary for female. The purpose of this ministry is to encourage individuals to serve while they are young while they still have the strength to do so Ecclesiastes 12:1. Serving includes but not limited to community services, evangelism, self-improvement and a lot more. This ministry is opened to anyone.

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Women Association

This is an organization of women in ESOCS Mount of Blessing Brooklyn and all other branches of ESOCS setup to cater for the peculiar spiritual, moral and other needs of women in the Church and is organized at the international, Provincial, District/Zonal and branch levels. 

Their activities include weekly prayer meetings, seminars, workshops, and an annual women association anniversary (during this anniversary the women of the church handle all aspect of the service). 

They are also involved in developmental programmes of the Church, and in some cases undertaking projects of their own which include but not limited to community services.

A celebration of our women

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Media Team

Every organization needs a team to document as well as share their activities to the world via social media. That is where this ministry comes into play. Videos, audios and photos of services, as well as all activities, are put together and shared by this group.


Branch Officials

Elder in Charge


Special Senior Apostle Sunny Diri

Special Senior Apostle Sunny Diri

Sp. Snr. Ap. Sunny Diri is the head pastor at the church. He oversees all aspect of the church and has been the head pastor from the inception of the branch in 2001. Sp. Snr. Ap. Diri provides spiritual and pastoral leadership to all member of ESOCS Mount of Blessing Brooklyn NY. He serves as the chief administrator of the congregation so that it might fulfill its mission and purpose as the body of Christ.

Pastor Godwin Mbamaonyeukwu

Pastor Godwin Mbamaonyeukwu

Every organization needs someone that fills the role of monitoring administrative task such as; Coordination of the total church events calendar and keeps records of that,  recording the minutes of the meetings, giving announcements etc. That is role is filled by Pastor Godwin Mbamaonyeukwu at ESOCS Mount of Blessing Brooklyn NY.

Branch Secretary